ballet classes for children

Ballet is a fun way to learn to dance. By dancing together, children learnDuring ballet class, work in group. On top of that, it stimulates their imagination, asfor example, they have to pretend to hold a balloon or pretend to hold a plantAre growing. In addition, they learn to act, because in the choreographies they...

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ballet teacher on pointes
welcome to classes from 1st september
ballet show
come to our Show 2020 on May 16
ballet teacher dancing on barre
No Barre at home?
positions of the arms
Positions of the arms
positions of the feet
Positions of the feet
ballet teacher doing port de bras
Terms: Port de bras
ballet teacher doing plié
Terms: Plié
ballet teacher doing battement jeté
Terms: Battement jeté
ballet teacher doing battement tendu
Terms: Battement Tendu
ballet teacher in ballet pose
Terms: Arabesque
ballet teacher wearing pointes
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