House Rules Ballet Workout

Correct behaviour

Ballet vzw is an association where respect and correct behaviour are highly valued and where people address each other when necessary. Smoking in the halls and corridors is prohibited.

Ballerinas, parents as well as spectators shall refrain from any racist, discriminating or other undesirable behavior or language.

The use of alcohol, drugs or any other narcotics during the lessons or participation in the lessons under the influence of these substances is strictly prohibited.

Should people misbehave (ballerinas, parents or spectators), this will be discussed with the persons concerned. The Ballet vzw and its teachers reserve the right to exclude people from (further) participation in the event of misconduct, as they see fit, without the person(s) involved being able to claim a refund of any membership fees.

Access to the building

Persons who are not registered with the Ballet vzw are not allowed. Non-compliance will be punished by exclusion from the lessons, without refund. The building is equipped with camera surveillance.

Appropriate clothing

During the first lesson, ballerinas wear comfortable clothing. Socks, leggings and a top are sufficient.

After the first lesson, it is mandatory to wear ballet clothes. Ballet clothes are tights, ballet collars, ballet shoes and if desired a skirt. The ballet clothing can be purchased via Ballet Workout vzw.


The rates of the Ballet Workout vzw are indivisible, and therefore always have to be paid in one time. It is not possible to pay the price in parts. After all, it is impossible for the Ballet asbl to follow this up each time.

The rates for the annual or half-yearly subscription (including the annual rate for children) are fixed rates, regardless of the number of classes attended. These rates are not negotiable and are not adjusted in function of the number of classes one attends. After all, it is impossible for the Ballet asbl to keep track of who attends which classes, and when.

Changes to the schedule of classes and holidays

Ballet vzw reserves the right to change the schedule of classes. These changes will be communicated sufficiently in advance.

Ballet vzw also reserves the right to foresee closing days and holidays or holiday periods. Unless otherwise notified, no lessons are given on public holidays and during the school holidays. During the summer holidays classes will continue in July, and no classes will be given in August.

Any other closing days and holidays will be communicated sufficiently in advance.

Participation in the annual performance

The Ballet vzw tries to organize a performance every year. If a performance is organised, the teachers of the Ballet vzw decide who can participate.

When registering your children in our school you agree that the photos and videos taken in the lessons, during the show and other events may be used for publication, print, marketing purposes, social media and all other forms.

If the parents do not give their permission for publication, the Ballet VZW and its teachers reserve the right to exclude people from (further) participation, without the person(s) concerned being able to claim a refund of any membership fees.


Participation in the lessons of the Ballet vzw is at your own risk. It is up to the ballerina in question to feel where her physical limits lie. It is the ballerina’s sole responsibility to stop as soon as she begins to feel faint, dizzy or unwell. The ballerina should seek (prior) medical assistance if necessary.

The Ballet vzw and its instructors are not responsible for any injuries that would result from participating in the exercises and choreographies during the class or from the videos that are shared by the Ballet vzw.

Ballet vzw is not liable for the cancellation of performances. Purchased tickets will not be refunded.

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