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Children ballet classes from 3-12 years old every Wednesday and Saturday. We teach ballet in a homely, positive and also creative atmosphere. We also develop their socio-emotional skills, ability to work in a group and have good social contacts. Good posture as well as coordination build self-confidence. 

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    In addition our ballet classes develop good habits: discipline, neatness, taking care of hair, clean uniforms, and the responsibility of bringing ballet shoes and water to every class. We teach the children to concentrate their attention, develop diligence and furthermore train perseverance. In each class, we set goals for the children to achieve so they experience satisfaction with their work and results. Our classes immerse the child in a cultural environment with classical music, costumes and eventually choreography that develops a refined taste from a young age.

    To conclude the end of the year we organise a yearly show. Our yearly shows therefore truly are unforgettable experiences for the children and parents. We are producing not just dancers but successful, comprehensively developed people of the future whom look forward to every class and dance with joy. It’s also advised that children take a bottle of water to class.

    How will the classes benefit my child?

    ballet teacher

    About Olga Mkrtoumian

    • Diploma in ballet, choreography and event organisation
    • Worked as a dancer in Japan, Russia, Georgia, Belgium and UAE
    • Toured in Soviet Union as first solist and also as first Soloist with Arev Baghdasaryan Dance Company
    • Prima ballerina with Military Dance Company of Caucus
    • Director and choreographer of ballet performance ‘The Four Seasons’ Bourla Schouwburg
    • Subsequently Director and choreographer of ballet performance ‘Gala Concert” Het Paleis
    • Featured in L’Officiel Arabia and GVA.
    • Over 2.000 performances
    • Choreographer for Music for Life
    • Masterclasses in Russia and Dubai 2022

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    €15 for the trial class to be paid in cash for the lesson. 

    2 classes per week full-year Sep-June €550 subscription + €80 uniform + €10 insurance = €640
    The uniform contains a ballet leotard, tights, ballet skirt and shoes. Payment must be made accordingly at one time. 


    What should my child wear for the first class?

    Your child has to feel comfortable and thus be able to move. For a trial lesson stretch pants, a top and socks are sufficient but for further lessons a ballet uniform is required which you can purchase during our classes. Make sure to bring a bottle of water for your child. 

    Can my child join later during the year?

    Of course. 

    My child speaks only English is this a problem?

    No, as we have many children from international schools. Nonetheless ballet is about body language and the children learn quickly to understand the teacher. If necessary we also help them in English and translate.

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