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The Ballet Workout App is the leading ballet dance app for everyone who wants to learn ballet, get fit, improve their posture and become more flexible. Used by over 100.000 ballet lovers all over the world from total beginners as well as advanced levels from 16-70 years old. More than 350 fantastic exercises are guided by a world class ballerina‘s encouragements and a professional pianist playing music to help you exercise in the right tempo. Make your ballet dream come true.

Ballet BasicsSplitStretchingBarreGood PostureBetter BalanceChildren ClassBallet BasicsSplitStretchingBarreGood PostureBetter BalanceChildren Class

Discover the leading ballet app with 100.000+ downloads

Ballet Workout presents the Ballet Workout App! The app contains more than 100 exercises for every level, recipes and tips. You can even set your goals and achieve a split in 2 weeks.

Each exercise is accompanied by a voice over from your ballet master and piano music like in a real ballet class.

Who can use the app?

Anyone who wants to be flexible and as fit as a ballerina from home. You can get started whether if you are a professional or a complete beginner. It’s in fact an app for adult beginners ballet. You can choose between different body parts you want to train, the duration and also type of exercises.

There are also many great specials such as our “Bedtime Stretch” for stretching in bed or the “Morning Routine” a short series of 5 min exercises to straighten your body and posture for the rest of the day.

Do you want to do the split in 14 days? That is indeed possible! Just download the Ballet Workout app, set your personal goals and get started now.

Available in Dutch, English as well as Russian.

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