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Olga Mkrtoumian is the professional teacher and choreographer of the children’s classes. We are very happy to have Olga Mkrtoumian in our ballet school. With her as a teacher, we provide the most professional education for your children.

She learned classical ballet from Lilia Palovna. Lilia Palovna was a dancer of the Mariinsky theater in Russia. A historic place where ballets such as “The Swan Song” and “The Nutcracker” were created. After completing her studies, Olga danced as a professional dancer in Georgia. She traveled throughout the Soviet Union and performed as a soloist. She then moved to Armenia where she soon became a soloist with a famous folklore dance company of Arev Bagdasarian.

After her dance career, Olga decided to share her passion and knowledge with others. Eventually Olga moves to Russia to teach ballet. She choreographed and taught both children and adults. Olga has won many awards in ballet competitions with her students. One was the famous “Morning Star,” where her choreography won first prize. She has also choreographed and directed performances at the Bourla Theatre and The Palace.

Olga has a very professional approach and a lot of experience working with children. The children fall in love with this art through her lessons. She stimulates children’s creativity while ensuring that they learn and understand discipline. Olga applies a personalized approach for each child, allowing them to make great progress while still experiencing the joy of dancing.

Olga also trains students of the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp and other professionals. In addition, she prepares young girls for auditions and dance competitions.

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